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Fat Burning Furnace eBook: Best Weight Loss Diet

Fat Burning Furnace reviews the idea that by eating the proper foods for your body type and doing the right exercises, you can speed up your metabolism significantly and lose weight quickly. Fat Burning FurnaceFat Burning WorkoutsBurn Fat Exercises

The Fat Burning Furnace review you are reading will help you make an informed decision to determine if this is the right weight loss system for you.

Rob Poulos uses a very smart and logical method to losing weight, filled with common sense that actually works. The Fat Burning Furnace System provides workouts for all fitness levels – anything from a complete beginner (someone who hasn’t worked out for years and is totally out of shape) to incredibly difficult workouts for people who are already in great shape. I found that the program is great for people starting out, and within a few weeks I was steadily working up to more difficult routines and continually getting in better shape.

Poulos’ system has it’s roots from the science of the human body. The key principal to the program is that if you are able to build more muscle, you will increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR) because muscle tissue burns way more calories than any other type of tissue (especially fat). Therefore, by gaining muscle, you will turn your body into a furnace that eats away at all of your fat.

Pro: The Fat Burning Furnace Review – Short, Effective Workouts
One of my favorite features is that the Fat Burning Furnace reviews the easiest way to achieve your goal of building muscle to burn fat. Rob Poulos has figured out a way to get the maximum muscle growth in a minimal amount of time – strength training for only 20 minutes a day, 3-4 times per week.

Poulos only requires that you do a single set of each exercise, but that it is done with perfect form and done slowly. There are workouts for every muscle group, with many exercises working out multiple muscles at the same time. Another great thing is that there are no long, time-wasting cardio sessions! Poulos believes that his short, intense muscle building exercises provide a better workout than an hour or more of cardio.

Pro: The Fat Burning Furnace Review – Upgrades are Available
The Fat Burning Furnace has three levels – Deluxe, Ultimate, and Blowtorch. The Ultimate is probably the best deal. Blowtorch features Rob Poulos going through each exercise routine, but I actually found that simple YouTube searches sufficed in seeing perfect form for each exercise.

The Fat Burning Furnace is really an exercise program more than a nutritional guide. Rob Poulos does a good job of going through nutritional guidelines and basics, but he doesn’t specifically tell you what to eat. The exercise portion of the guide has way more information and is much more specific. The nutritional part gives the reader way more choices – which can be good or bad depending on what you do with that information. You will get some easy to make (and tasty) sample meals and detailed nutritional guidelines with the system.

Con: The Fat Burning Furnace Review – Sales Pressure to Purchase ProGrade Food Upgrade
The Fat Burning Furnace Review would not be complete without pointing out one of the worst features of the ebook – Rob Poulos spends the entire beginning of the book trying to sell his logic and ideas, which is fine, except that he keeps pushing the ProGrade Food Upgrade. If you can ignore this, the rest of the ebook (and the entire program) is great.

Rob Poulos is an excellent writer and is very knowledgable about how to lose weight quickly and easily. He does an excellent job of getting to the core issues, and ignores fads for hard science that works. This program is awesome for people who have harmed their metabolism because they’ve yo’yo’d up and down in weight, and is good for anyone with any fitness level. I highly recommend it as one of the top guides on the market.


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