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Simple Tips For Losing Body Fat

The best way to lose body fat may not be the method you think it is. In this article we will go through the steps that you can follow to lose weight fast.

When you think about losing weight you probably think of the good, old-fashioned low calorie diet. And why not? The food industry, television and magazines ram it down our throats as though it is the only safe and sensible way to lose weight.

In reality, a low calorie diet is no more safe than any of the other fad diets around. So, my advice is to stay away from it. If you use such a diet you are setting yourself up for failure, and here’s why. When you go on a low-cal diet you will see some initial weight loss (most of which is water). After this weight loss you will quickly start to plateau as your body adjusts to not receiving as many calories. Happy with your weight loss you start eating a bit more, and soon you’re putting weight on again. Your body can’t handle the extra calories you are eating again and stores them as fat.

To break this vicious cycle, and burn off that fat fast, there are a few things that you can do. Firstly, start eating a serve of protein with every meal. Protein has this wonderful ability to make your body work harder to burn food. As it works harder you end up burning more fat.

Next, don’t skip breakfast. When you skip breakfast your body never makes it out of night time starvation mode. Starve yourself for too long and more of your next meal gets stored as fat.

Finally, eat more regularly. Regular eating promotes a fast metabolism. A fast metabolism means more calories being burned. More calories being burned is the best way to lose body fat.


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