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Tacfit Commando Workout Program Review

Have you ever wanted to have the body of a soldier, but were unsure of where to start? We’ve all heard of the intense training that Marines and Navy SEALs in the United States military undergo in order to stay ready for the next combat mission. But what if you had access to their specialized workout, diet, and fitness routines? How much more powerful would you be? Tacfit CommandoTacfit Commando Review

While Marines and soldiers use TACFIT Commando to prepare for a fight against international terrorists, it is equally as effective as a fat-burning, muscle-gaining full-body workout that helps even the most average gym users achieve the best shape of their lives. How many chances in life do you get to learn from the guy who trains some of the world’s most elite warfighters into shape?

Of course, this is what the sales pitch says. But how effective is TACFIT Commando in the real world? In today’s review, we’re going to find out.
What is TACFIT Commando?

If you have ever seen a Marine, then you have probably wondered what makes them have such large and chiseled physiques. Well, since Marines are not chosen based on genetics, it must be the workouts and exercises that they do between missions in order to stay in shape. In TACFIT Commando, we are introduced to these workouts by someone who trains these men every day, Scott Sonnon.

Who is Scott Sonnon?

Scott Sonnon, Tacfit Commando CreatorSonnon’s resume reads like a Call of Duty mission: he has spent time training with Special Forces all over the world, like the Navy SEALs, the Spetsnaz, and numerous other groups. He has also worked with Olympic coaches and MMA athletes of all levels. In fact, Sonnon’s entire life has been dedicated to working with some of the most high-profile athletes and heroes in our world.

The Extra Mental Push

The instructional videos are a fun and effective way to keep your workout on track. Complete with personalized mental coaching, it almost feels like you’re on a real military base. In so many bodybuilding manuals, mental coaching is the part that is lacking. And, while we can learn as many workouts and diet routines as we can, they will all be worthless if we don’t have the mental strength to follow through with them.

With TACFIT Commando, users have no excuse not to be in shape. Every single resource you could possibly need is right in front of you. Sometimes, that extra mental push is all you need to be in the best shape of your life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to do just that.

Unique and Effective Workouts

If you have ever bought an exercise manual before, then you know that there is often some overlap between the workouts and lessons that are being taught in each one. Inevitably, you will have to skip through sections and pages just to get at the real, unique information that you’re looking for. Amazingly, with TACFIT Commando, this didn’t happen once. All of the information is so mind-blowingly unique that we wanted to read every single word of it. Why are these workouts so unique? Well, Navy SEALS and Marines do not often disclose their training regiments to the public. Since Scott Sonnon has worked with these groups in the past, he is able to describe exactly which workouts he taught, as well as the effectiveness it has had on his students.

TACFIT Commando training videosMany of the exercises will create confusion for even the most experienced personal trainer. There is a particular focus on something called “Circular Strength Training”, which features workouts with such unique names as ‘surging’, ‘heaving’, ‘yawing’, and ‘swaying’. If you have never heard of any of these, then don’t worry: TACFIT Commando teaches everything you need to know.

At first, some exercises like this seem awkward. However, once I got the hang of it (which didn’t take long), I began to feel exactly which areas of body the exercises were targeting. And, after a few sessions, I immediately began to feel stronger in a way that simple weight training exercises had never done to me before. Just like martial arts, TACFIT Commando focuses on developing full-body strength, as opposed to just hitting a few core muscle groups.

Overall, this improves your body in ways that I have never felt before. My ability to dodge and attack seemed to be enhanced, and all of my movements were stronger and freer than ever. When playing sports, I suddenly felt like I could accomplish so much more. You know all of those smaller muscles that seem to get a workout from playing certain sports? TACFIT Commando’s routines hit all of them, and it leads to a body that is much stronger overall.


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